Cloxee: countdown widget app

Are you looking forward to a special event? Choose the Cloxee app to create amazing countdown widgets for all the events that matter most.

Free countdown app and countdown widget

About Cloxee

Cloxee is a free countdown app and countdown widget that allows you to create a personalized timer for the events that matter to you.

The app is very light and fast, plus it is completely ad-free. Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface you will create amazing event countdowns within less than 30 seconds.

Choose from a variety of different styles, fonts and filters. Personalize your timer by adding your own photo or by choosing one from our wide gallery.

Our Countdown widget

No matter what kind of countdown you create, you can always check it via the widget.

Cloxee's free countdown widget shows days, hours, minutes and seconds left in real time. This widget is going to show your timer exactly the way you have designed it in the app. Set your countdown as a lockscreen widget on your device so you can always check it real-time without having to go to the app.


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Create and share your countdowns

Cloxee countdowns can be shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow your friends, like and comment on their timers. You'll also be able to peek at the most popular countdowns made by potential friends from all over the world.

Create countdowns for all kinds of event

Birthday countdown

Cloxee will count down how many days are left for your birthday or that of someone you care about. You can start organizing your birthday party well in advance, or take the right time to choose the perfect birthday gift for someone you love.

Christmas countdown

This is a classic - a jolly countdown timer to Christmas because everyone is excited about this day. Now you will know how many days will have to pass before you can rock your ugly christmas sweater!

Holiday countdown

How many days until your well-deserved vacation? You could choose a nice photo of your next destination as the background of your timer and feel happy at the thought everytime you see it on the countdown widget.

Special day countdown

When you're in a couple there are some dates that you better not forget. Imagine arriving on Valentine's Day without having bought a gift for your better half, or forgetting your anniversary. Thanks to Cloxee you will never forget the dates that matter the most.

Concert countdown

Have you just bought tickets for a concert of your favorite artist, but it seems to you that there is still too much time left before you can go wild under the stage? Thanks to Cloxee you will count down the days and watch them go by until the great gig!

Graduation countdown

You worked so hard to get to graduation day, don't you think it would be better to enjoy it without unnecessary stress? Now that your graduation is approaching, use Cloxee to count the days left to the big goal (and the days you have left to study!).

Event countdown app

If you are organizing an event and you want to make it go viral without having to spend a fortune, Cloxee is the right choice. Create a countdown timer and use it to promote your upcoming event. An event countdown is a free advertising for your event.

Match day countdown

Are you waiting for a big match and you can't wait to support your favourite team? You don't have to count down the days, Cloxee is your day counter. Have it always in front you with the real-time clock in the countdown widget.

Party countdown

You have got a party coming in a few days and you want your friends to get excited. Let Cloxee be your timer app. Why not create an event countdown for your bachelorette party, your housewarming party or your baby shower?